Moreton Island Excursion

Fearless Support Program



Each year students from Year 7 and Year 10 are involved in a Peer Support Camp.

This is a two night camp staying on Moreton Island in Term 4 costing approximately $250.00 per student.

Year 7 begin group sessions before attending camp - discussing topics such as peer pressure, teamwork, bullying, leadership, communication skills and planning for the camp stay. This is an extremely valuable part of the program as Year 10 leaders and groups have to plan for the success of their trip together.

The team work and relationships that develop on such trips help everyone involved, with setting into a new school and building new friendships as well as developing leadership skills in the older students. It is an extremely valuable experience for the transition process for Year 7 and Evans River K-12 School would like all Year 7 students to attend.