Teen angst...asylum seekers fleeing Afghanistan...truth, lies and Australian icons...the world of film...English in Year 7 and 8 is exciting, varied and rigorous... students expand and hone their skills exploring a wide range of literature and texts.

Truth and manipulation in advertising...devastation of war...star crossed lovers...stereotyping and assumptions...social justice in Australian society...Year 9 & 10 delve into serious issues that affect them in their everyday lives.

Our students work on their critical literacy skills, becoming thinkers for our modern society.

English at Evans River K-12 School


Senior students choose whether they want to study English in their first or second year of the college system. If students wish to study Extension 2 English, they will need to choose to study Advanced English and Extension 1 English in their first year of study and then choose Extension 2 English in their second year.

Apart from the extension courses, students choose from Advanced English; Standard English and if they are following the School's STEP study program, the CEC (Course Endorsed Content) English Course.

Students need to seek advice from their English teacher and Head Teacher of English to help decide which course is most suitable for them.