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Last updated 10:18 AM on 29 February 2016

Over the past couple of weeks we have noticed an increasing number of students who have been significantly sun burnt.

All people in NSW, regardless of their culture or heritage, are at risk of overexposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. By the age of 15 many children have developed irreversible skin damage from exposure to the sun.

While skin cancer is the most common cancer in Australia, it is estimated that 95% of skin cancers can be prevented through reducing exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Working together for effective sun safety by reducing exposure to the sun and increasing the uptake of sun safe strategies, schools can make a significant contribution to community efforts to reduce skin cancer and related skin damage.

Schools support students and preschool children to understand why sun safety is important and to take action to protect themselves such as:

• wearing sun safe hats, clothing and sunglasses

• seeking shade during peak ultra violet radiation (UVR) times during the school day

• wearing SPF 30+ (or higher) broad-spectrum and water resistant sunscreen.

Yvonne Sharpe - Deputy Principal