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Last updated 10:00 AM on 24 October 2016

As of Monday 24/10/16 Evans River K-12 School will be able to accept online payments. Parents will be able to make payments towards subject contributions, excursions etc. at their own convenience from home. This option is available through the schools website –

A "$ Make a payment" link is located in the ribbon bar on the front page of the website.  By selecting the link, parents are taken to a secure Westpac payment page; they will no longer be in the schools website.


Parents should be advised that details are not retained by this QuickWeb site, protecting parents from fraudulent transactions and ensuring compliance with PCI (Payment Card Industry) DSS (Data Security Standard).  This means that card details will have to be re-entered each time a new payment is made.

POP is mobile friendly which makes using the system even more convenient for parents.

A parent/carer instruction guide has been attached.

Cheryl McCarthy - SAM