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Last updated 9:56 AM on 9 May 2016

Brodie Olive loves baseball. He can't get enough of it. "I started playing cricket. Mum and dad used to play softball. So I went and joined baseball. My brother Cooper also joined, a year later" Brodie said. Brodie was selected in the CHS North Coast baseball team after trials at Lismore in February. During March the team travelled to Newcastle and competed in the CHS State Championships. Brodie sees himself as both a pitcher and a batter. He also spends time on third base, shortstop or second base. The team played six games over four days. At the end they were placed fifth of seven teams in the tournament. Cooper also plays rep baseball. He was selected in the Far North Coast club representative side. In April he played at Runcorn in Brisbane in the Queensland State Championships. Cooper played eight games in four days. At the end of the tournament the team was placed fourth. Cooper is also an all-rounder. He bats, pitches, fields and is a baseman. "I really like the fitness side. I don't play for the competition but for the fun." Cooper likes to see himself improve. "I like to watch the bigger people play and learn from them." Brodie is in Year 11 and Cooper in Year 7 at our school. Both Cooper and Brodie have had offers of playing in other countries – yet to be taken up. Their older brother Dylan has played in the US twice. Congratulations to both Brodie and Cooper on these achievements